Where the money goes

We work hard to ensure your donation makes the biggest impact.

Our aim is to not merely ‘treat’ homelessness, but to end it.

Thanks to your support, in our last financial year, Launch Housing directly helped 16,284 people across Melbourne, and indirectly improved the lives of thousands of others.

In 2018/19, Launch Housing spent:

  • 56% of total expenditure on 412 employees (148 full time, 210 part time and 54 casual) – the vast majority of which are people working on front line activities across 14 Melbourne locations on over 50 programs helping those experiencing or at risk of homelessness.
  • 11% of total expenditure on direct costs supporting people
  • 11% of total expenditure on costs linked to managing the many properties we own and manage to help people
  • 10% payment to other agencies to help ensure an integrated response for our those experiencing homelessness
  • 6% of other expenses including depreciation, admin, consultancy and professional fees.

A great deal of effort goes into ensuring your donation is working hard. Our expert staff, strong accountability measures, research into effectiveness and impact, and advocacy to prevent homelessness, all contribute to a better organisation and better outcomes for Melbourne.

Pie Graph: In FY19, Launch Housing spent 78%  of total expenditure on programs helping people experiencing or at risk of homelessness.

That’s why when a small fraction of your donation goes to administration, it’s not taking away from the life-changing work that we do – it’s supporting it.

For more information, please visit our Annual Reports page.

To help us assist even more people, please donate to Launch Housing work to end homelessness.